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Version 1.2 Release of the Nobeltec TimeZero App

Posted by Maeve Lynskey

Jul 29, 2013

We have great news for both current users of the Nobeltec TimeZero App and for people considering the App alike: Version 1.2 has just been released. This new version contains lots of new features that will make the app even more versatile and user-friendly.

Nobeltec's development team have taken into account the feedback received by users of the App, and have worked on the most-requested features. Improvements include bug fixes and new features.





Data Exchange

Routes and Marks can now be imported/exported by using the iTunes file exchange feature under .TZD format. This allows the user to exchange data between ALL TimeZero systems (NavNet TZTouch system, MaxSea TimeZero/Nobeltec TimeZero software and Apps).

  • There are two import functions: Add or Replace Data.
  • When importing a .TZD file, if it exceeds the iPad capacity, a warning will indicate the amount of data that can be imported.
  • Reminder:  A maximum of 1,000 marks and 50 routes (maximum 200 points each) can be imported.

Camera Integration

Pictures and screenshots can be taken from the App and geo-referenced on the chart according to the boat’s position (or in the center of the screen if the GPS is not in use/not available). They are recorded in a specific layer that can be displayed/hidden from the tab corner and in the iPad photo albums under the name “TimeZero” as well.

  • Images can be moved in the same way as a Mark in the App and then shared on Facebook.
  • Tap “Function” to minimize/maximize the images.
  • They can only be deleted by doing so from within the iPad photo album.

Tidal Data

The waypoint tide ToolTip of an Active Route has been improved with a tide mini-graph that pinpoints the current tide status, as well as:

  • Previous high or low tide.
  • The next complete tide (one low and one high tide).

The closest tide height and tidal current stations to the boat are permanently displayed if and only if a corresponding station is available within 50 NM for tide height and 5 NM for tidal currents.

This tide mini-graph has also been added to the Waypoint and Active Route context menus (if a station is available within 50 NM). 

Tide height, Current speed & direction, and Next time tide (low or high) have been added to the default configuration of the NavData menu.

Event Configuration

Four types of event can be configured from the Boat icon and the More “(…)” menu to mark the current position of the boat with specific icons.

Gesture Shortcut

A two-finger long tap gesture can be configured as a shortcut for the following actions under the Nobeltec button, from the “General” menu:

  • Take a screenshot
  • Activate the camera
  • Create an event




Chart Download

  • Cancellation by default of automatic sleep mode activation of the iPad during the chart download process to avoid any interruption. The user can always manually reset the automatic sleep mode on his iPad.
  • The chart download process will be cancelled when the iPad goes into sleep mode (if reset manually by the user) and the progress circle stops appearing.

App Reliability with Bad WiFi or 3G Connection

The reliability of the App has been improved when there’s a bad WiFi (or 3G) connection, in order to avoid:

  • Crashes
  • Frozen chart display
  • White screen without any data


You can download this version 1.2 by clicking here.

As ever, there is information on all the features and charts offered for the Nobeltec TimeZero App on the dedicated website.


Download version 1.2 here

We hope you will love the new version. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments!

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