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Welcoming Chris Harris, a brand ambassador for TIMEZERO by Nobeltec

Posted by Theo Scott

Jun 09, 2016

Chris Harris has a wealth of experience in long off-shore journeys across the Southern Hemisphere. We are very happy to have him on-board at Nobeltec and look forward to seeing him test out our latest products in the most exotic and challenging of locations. 


Here is a quick interview to get to know a little bit more about Chris Harris:

Which TIMEZERO software did you choose and why?

I have TIMEZERO Navigator, now version 3.0 but I have been using it since about version 1.9

Was the installation process easy?

Yes absolutely painless.

What are your first impressions of our marine navigation software in comparison to other programs available?


The first thing that strikes you with the latest version is the clean, modern and uncluttered look. The interface is intuitive and more importantly consistent across all functions; navigation en-route, planning, analysing weather data etc.. The look and feel of each workspace and the data displayed on the vector charts that I use is easily configurable from the "options" menu.

What was the last voyage you took, how did it go and what challenges did you face?


My last voyage is still ongoing. I sailed with my partner Paula from the Falkland Islands through the Chilean channels and we are now island hopping across the Pacific, currently in Tahiti. So far we have been going for 18 months with one break of a few months when I went to work on my regular job of preparing a high latitude charter yacht for its Antarctic season. As for challenges: the Chilean channels are a challenge in many ways including the weather and some intricate navigation, but we found the MM3D Jeppesen charts were up to that challenge. We had some problems with the boat's engine mounts that slowed us down until we could get the jury rig repaired in Valdivia otherwise we have had no major dramas.

Why is TIMEZERO software so important for someone in your domain?

I mainly sail offshore and often in high latitudes where self sufficiency and very high reliability of all systems is essential. I find that the TIMEZERO software is reliable, it is very good value for money when compared with other commercial navigation software and the technical support via email has been very good when I have had to use it after I messed up my installation by fiddling with things that I shouldn't have; trust me I'm an engineer!


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